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$10,000 OBO
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Glimakra looms are made in Sweden.  This loom is massive and unique.  In addition to the original Swedish quality craftsmanship, our loom has been modified by a previous weaver in Texas who had a business weaving fancy show saddle blankets.  His modifications of air powered beater and harnesses plus steel harnesses and heddles make it easier for the production weaver. ​​
Four steel beams are 6.5" in diameter.
Overhead beater is a huge wood beam.
The reed overall height is 9" to accommodate a huge shed.  The reed is 6 dent.
Beater and four harnesses are air powered.  More harnesses could possibly be added.  Because of the air power on the harnesses, you can weave patterns using one harness up, 3 harnesses down.  (ie double corduroy pattern.)
Steel harnesses and metal heddles.
Modifications which we've added are:
Four air controlled steel gear brakes all controlled by one air switch at the front.
Foot switch controlled gear motor on the warp beam.  One person can warp the loom section by section.  You can also remove the sectional rakes and have a smooth beam.
This loom has been used for tapestries and tightly woven wool saddle blankets.  We have also woven boundweave, double corduroy and twill (both warp faced and weft faced) rugs.
Because of the foot switch controlled gear motor on the warp beam, one person can warp this loom and because of the air beater and air lift harnesses, one person can weave on this loom - even though it is nearly 12' wide.
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​$6500  OBO
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This loom has 20 harnesses and has a computerized air system to create the harness patterns plus an air powered cloth advance.  The computer controls air lines to the harnesses to provide the sheds of the pattern.  Included is a PC tower, keyboard, monitor, 2 speakers, control box for a PC and a weave software program called ProWeave.  The Macomber has two switches on the beater that change the shed in sync with the beater operation, so an experienced weaver develops a rhythm of throwing the shuttle and beating without thinking about changing the shed.
Included are 12.5, 12, 10 and 8 dent reeds.
1" sectional beam.
Sliding seat bench, 82" long.
Numerous boat shuttles and bobbins.  
This loom will produce intricately patterned table linens, baby blankets, throws or other fabrics.  And it has the versatility to also weave rugs.  I happen to love REP weave applied to rugs and with 20 harnesses complex patterns are possible.  
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